Green Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean: Patterns and Policies


The general objective of this call for proposals is to better understand how green technologies have diffused in the region and to disentangle the role that public policies have had in their commercial deployment. More specifically, this call for proposals aims at:

(1) Identifying at least 2 specific GI technologies which have diffused in (one or more countries of) the region;
(2) Analyzing where and how these technologies have originated (e.g. if they are inside or outside the environmental domain), and if and how they have been readapted and tailored to the needs of the region;
(3) Understanding and characterizing the main drivers or obstacles to their diffusion;
(4) Pinpointing the positive (or negative) effects that environmental public policies have had in their commercial deployment, paying particular attention on how these policies have interacted with other policies developed in other domains;
(5) Understanding the institutional mechanisms, policies and any other relevant mechanisms which can explain the observed GI technology diffusion patterns.

Document of the Call for Proposals

Documentos de postulación