Bacalao del Atlántico

AñoTituloEspecieEjecutorFuente de financiamiento
2015Water-Free Spray-Drying: a Novel Strategy for the Microencapsulation of Fish Oil (Epa and Dha). Study of Microparticles Properties, Stability and Release Behaviour in Food Models.Bacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Diversity of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Fish of Commercial Interest: Modulation of Host Gene Expression and Contribution to the Host Health Status.Bacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Variabilidad Espacio-Temporal de Factores que Modulan el Ciclo Reproductivo de Peces Pelagicos Pequeños a Lo Largo del Gran Ecosistema Marino de la Corriente de HumboldtBacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2014Seleccion de Reproductores de Bacalao del Atlantico (Gadus Morhua) con una Amplia Diversidad Genetic a para Produccion Larvaria en ChileBacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad de ChileFONDEF
2013Harmonic Coefficients Forecasting of Non-Stationary Time Series to Support the Management of the Small Pelagic Fishing in ChileBacalao del AtlánticoPontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2011Analysing the Effects of Fishing and the Environment on the Stock and Food Web Dynamics in Norhern, Central and Southern ChileBacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2009Local and Regional Variability in Body Size and Fecundity of Parasites in Marine Fish Species from Southeastern Pacific Coast: Correlated with Parasite Abundances?Bacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad de AntofagastaFONDECYT
2009Monitoring Stress and Immune Response Induced in Fish by Aquaculture ContaminantsBacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT