AñoTituloEspecieEjecutorFuente de financiamiento
2015Water-Free Spray-Drying: a Novel Strategy for the Microencapsulation of Fish Oil (Epa and Dha). Study of Microparticles Properties, Stability and Release Behaviour in Food Models.Bacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2012Process Optimization of Structured Triacylglycerols Obtainment by Enzymatic Transesterification of Concentrated Omega-3 Pufa Salmon Oil with Caprylic Acid Under Supercritical Co2: Effect on Physical, Chemical Properties and Stability of Food SystemsSalmónUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2005Obtención de un aceite concentrado de Omega 3 de origen marino, mediante proceso enzimático altamente rentable para uso de la industria de alimentosMerluza australCaltex S.A.FONTEC