AñoTituloEspecieEjecutorFuente de financiamiento
2017Genomic Prediction For Complex Traits in Eucalyptus: Genomic-Assisted Tree Improvement Using Genome-Wide Molecular Marker Information s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Etiology, Epidemiology and Control of Calyx-End Rot and Gray Mold in Apples of Exportation in the Maule Region, Chile s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Efecto de las Asociaciones Vegetales y de la Incidencia de Incendios Forestales sobre las Comunidades de Hongos Micorrícicos Arbusculares Asociados a la Rizosfera de Araucaria Araucana s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017The Effect of Land use Change On the Biogenic Greenhouse Gas Budget in Agroecosystems of Northern Chiloé s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Physiological Mechanisms and Key Genes Associated with the Regulation of Kernel Weight-Grain Number Interaction and Temperature Response in Rapeseed (Brassica Napus L.) s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Revealing the Mechanisms of Aluminum Accumulation and Phosphorus Solubilization of Gevuina Avellana Growing in the Temperate Rainforest of Southern Chile: Is This Species Playing a Role in Helping Other Neighboring Plants? s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Development of a Ssr Markers Set Associated with Berry Size Suitable For Routine Screening and Early Selection in Table Grape Breeding Programs, as a Model For Complex Traits in Woody Species s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2017Chilean Deformed Wing Virus (Dwv) Population Diversity Related to the Management of Varroa Destructor and Studies How the Native Pollen Interferes with Viral Transmission in Honey Bee s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Assessing Spatio-Temporal Impacts of Global Change On Water and Biomass Production Processes at Catchment Scale: a Synergistic Approach Based On Remote Sensing and Coupled Hydrological Models to Improve Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017An Integrative Approach to Understand Surface Pitting in Sweet Cherry s/eUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2017Ripening Regulation of the Chilean Strawberry Fruit: Roles of Hormones and Molecular Regulators s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Efecto de la Homogenización del Paisaje en el Centro-Sur de Chile sobre la Provisión de Servicios Ecosistémicos a Través de la Dinámica Espacio Temporal del Paisaje s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017How the Land use Intensity Affects the Structure, Composition and Functionality of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Communities: Using Agricultural Systems in Acidic Andisols as a Model of Study. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Contribución de la Microbiota Rizosférica a la Tolerancia de Solanum Lycopersicum al Déficit Hídrico y Su Efecto sobre el Sistema Radical. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Estudio del Gen Dsx de Lobesia Botrana como posible Herramienta para la Generación de un Sistema de Expresión Hembra-Específico Aplicable al Control de la Plaga s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2017Contribution of Native Bacteria and Fungi to Alleviate Stress in Soil Degraded by Heavy Metals and Drought: Evaluation of Plant Growth Promotion, Tolerance Mechanisms and Rhizosphere Interactions s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Unveiling the Bases of Temperature Modulation in Ethylene Response On Avocado: Another Chilling Dilemma For Fruit Ripening? s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2017Development of Climate-Resilient Bio-Inoculants of Plant Growth Promoting Yeast to Improve the Production of Horticultural Crops in la Araucanía Region s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Searching For New Model Species Towards Adapting Crops to Aridification: Mechanistic Bases For Escaping the Trade-Off Between Photosynthesis and Drought Tolerance s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Improving the Agricultural Waste Composting Through the Supply of Nanoclays and Biochar to Be Used as Amendment in a Sustainable Grassland Management s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Proteomic Tools to Understand the Biofertilization Mechanisms of Accd-Producing Phosphobacteria On Lolium Perenne Grown in Acid Volcanic Soils s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Functional Symbiosis as Tool For Pest Control in Cereal Crops s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Studies of Gut Parasites Nosema Ceranae and Lotmaria Passim Interaction and Effects of Flavonoids On Survival, Gut Microbiome, Immunity and Physiological-Related Biomarkers in Infected Honeybees s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017The Role of Photoperiod Flowering Genes in the Latitudinal Adaptation of Quinoa (Chenopodium Quinoa Willd.). s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017Rhizosphere Interactions On Wheat Plants Grown Under Drought Conditions as a Strategy to Optimize Water use Efficiency: Importance of Potassium Uptake s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Accounting of Land use as a Natural Resource by Integrating Thermodynamics with Ecology Principles s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Root-Microbe Interactions in Monocultures and Wheat/Lupin Intercrops Under Different Patterns of Nutrient Availability s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Draft Genome Sequencing and Pathogenic Effector Study of a Phytoplasma Strain in Chilean Strawberry s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Generación de Plantas de Lactuca Sativa L. Resistentes al Pardeamiento Mediante la Edición del Gen que Codifica para la Enzima Ppo Utilizando la Tecnología Crispr/Cas 9. s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017Uncovering Plant Hormone Signaling in Nitrate-Defense Response Interaction in Tomato s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017The Impact of Technical Assistance On Technology Adoption and Productivity: Does the Heterogeneity of Extension Providers Affect Farm Performance? s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Natural Forest Islands in a Matrix of Forestry Plantations: a Refuge of Biodiversity and an Opportunity For Restoration. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Is Nitrosation an Important Mechanism of Organic Nitrogen Sequestration in Temperate Rainforest Soils? a Comparison Between Andean and Coastal Mountains in Southern-Central Chile s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Integrating Crop Simulation Models, Ground Observations, and Remote Sensing Data to Improve the Estimation of Actual Evapotranspiration s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017Influence of Drought On the Efficiency of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis in Phosphorus Acquisition by Plants Growing in Andisols From Southern Chile: Wheat as a Crop Model s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Enhancing the System of Sodium Exclusion of the Leaves During Salt Stress in Crop Plants s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017From Qtls to Qtns: Identifying the Most Favorable Alleles For Assisted Selection of Quality Traits in Table Grapes and Their Interaction with Growth Regulators s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
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2017Efecto Insecticida y Repelente de Aceites Esenciales Encapsulados por la Técnica "Layer-By-Layer" para el Control de Plagas Agrícolas. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Study of Different Technological Strategies to Increase the Quality of Chilean Sparkling Wines Produced by Traditional Method. s/eViña Santa Carolina S.A.FONDECYT
2017The Role of Genetic Diversity in the Success of the Parasitoid Mastrus Ridens as a Biological Control Agent and in Its Adaptation to New Environments s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017Assessment of the Performance of Proximal Sensing Ir-Based Physiological Indexes to Monitor the Physiological Effects of Water Depletion in Two Drip-Irrigated Commercial Cherry Tree Cultivars s/eUniversidad Católica del MauleFONDECYT
2017Identificación de Marcadores Bioquímicos de Tolerancia a Estrés Hídrico en Trigo (Triticum Aestivum L.) y Su Estimación a Través de Espectroradiometría s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Phytohormones and Its Association with Resistance Mechanisms to al and Mn Toxicity in Highbush Blueberry Cultivars Growing in Acid Soil: a Strategy For Improving Yield and Fruit Quality of Plants. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Molecular Genetic and Epigenomic Analyses of Sweet Cherry Fruit Ripening: Exploring the Modulatory Role of the Plant Growth Regulator Abscisic Acid in This Process s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Importancia de la Carga Frutal y el Estrés Hídrico en el Intercambio Gaseoso y Calidad de Fruta de Arándano (Vaccinium Corymbosum L.) y Cerezo (Prunus Avium L.). una Interpretación Usando Modelos Basados en Procesos s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Caracterización Funcional de los Genes Efectores Implicados en la Virulencia de Pseudomonas Syringae Pv. Actinidiae: Bacteria Causante de la Enfermedad del Cancro en las Plantas de Kiwi. s/eUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2017Oxidative Stress as a Master Regulator in Trade-Offs Between Productivity and Stress Tolerance in Terrestrial Plants: New Model Species For Studying Mechanisms of Future Interest to Crops s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Endolisinas como una Alternativa Bactericida Contra Pseudomonas Syringae Pv Syringae. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016In Vitro Derivation of Male Germ Cells from Fetal Mesenchymal Stem Cells: a New Approach for Obtaining Bovine and Canine SpermBovinos - Caninos domésticosUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Study of Hydrated Geranyl Phenols as New Fungicide Agents Against Botrytis Cinerea and Phytophtora Cinnamomi. Evaluation of Antifungal Activity of Compounds Encapsulated in Polymeric Aggregates and in Free Form.AgrícolaUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa María FONDECYT
2016Caracterización de la Diversidad Genética de Portainjertos de Frutales de Carozo (Prunus Spp.) Utilizando Snps Identificados a Través de Genotyping-By-Sequencing y Genotipado de Alelos S.CarozosCentro de Estudios Avanzados en Fruticultura (CEAF)FONDECYT
2016Nuevas Estrategias Tecnológicas para la Expresión Recombinante de Antígenos Veterinarios en la Yema del Huevo de PolloPolloUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Effects of Incorporation of Polyphenol-Containing Liposomes on Film Forming Suspension Properties During Liquid Drop Impact. Application to Coating Formation on Heated/Cooled Food SurfacesAcuícolaUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2016How Mycorrhizal Symbiosis Modifies Wheat Root Traits and Improves Phosphorus Acquisition Efficiency in High P Fixing Soils: Challenges for Local BreedersTrigoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Quality Traits and Fruit Yield in Hazelnut (Corylus Avellana L.) Associated with Boron and Zinc Levels and Phenological Stage of Application in Plantations of Southern ChileAvellano europeoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Microencapsulated Probiotic Bacteria by Spray Drying as Functional Ingredient with Anticariogenic Bacterial Activity: Optimizing Process Conditions and of the Encapsulating Solution CompositionAgrícolaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Does the Anoxic-Abiotic Condition Influence the Rhizosphere Priming Effect in Allophanic and Metamorphic Soils Developed Under Temperate Rainforest?s/i especie (Rubro Bosque nativo)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Application of Ohmic Heating, Vacuum Impregnation and an Enriched Osmotic Solution -with Bioactive Compounds- to obtain High Value Added Osmo-Dehydrated Apple Plates in a Short Processing TimeManzanoUniversidad del Bío BíoFONDECYT
2016The Effect of Feeding Fresh Alfalfa Or a Fresh Mixed Diet of Annual Ryegrass and Berseem Clover on Milk Yield and Quality, Rumen Characteristics and Methane Emissions of Dairy Cows During the Winter Period.s/i especie (Rubro Bovinos de leche)Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016Calibration of Two-Source Models to Estimate Vineyard Water Requirements Using Ground-Based Weather Measurements and High-Resolution Thermal and Multispectral Images Acquired by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Uav)Viñas y VidesUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2016The Role of Mitochondrial Metabolism and Its Relation with Photosynthesis and Aluminum Resistance (Al3+) in Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum L.) Grown in Acid Soil of Southern Chile.Arándano: BlueberryUniversidad Católica de TemucoFONDECYT
2016Metabolic Profiling and Gene Expression Involved in Superficial Scald Development on Pears: Potential for New Biomarkers to Predict Its Occurrence PostharvestPeralUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2016Caracterización Funcional de Promotores de Genes de Prunus con Potencial Aplicación Biotecnológica en el Mejoramiento de Portainjertos en Respuesta a Estreses Abióticos.CarozosINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2016Estudio del Rol de Vesículas de Membrana Externa de Piscirickettsia Salmonis y Sus Efectores/Factores de Virulencia para el Desarrollo de una Terapia Protectora e Inmuno-Estimulante en Salmón del Atlántico y Trucha Arcoíris.Salmón - Trucha arcoirisUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2016Gene Regulatory Networks and Gene Network Modules Underlying Desiccation Tolerance of Filmy Ferns of Hymenophyllaceae Family with Contrasting Vertical Niche Preferences.s/i especie (Rubro Follajes)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Genomics-Supported Breeding: Application of High-Density Genotyping on the Genetic Improvement of Quality Traits of Table GrapesVid de mesaINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2016Mitigación del Conflicto Carnívoros-Ganadería en Patagonia: una Aproximación desde la EcologíaPecuarioUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Towards Sustainable Soil Management of Degraded Lands Through Amendment with Biochar Generated from Different WastesGeneralUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Rol del Fósforo (P) en Mecanismos de Regulación Interna y Sistema Antioxidante Frente al Exceso de Manganeso (Mn) en Cereales Cultivados en Andisoles.Cultivos y CerealesUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Conservación de la Biodiversidad en Plantaciones Forestales de Pino: Evaluando Sus Implicancias para la Transmisión de Agentes Zoonóticos Transmitidos Por RoedoresPino ponderosaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Comparative and Functional Genomic Analysis of the Interaction Between P. Salmonis and Its Host-CellSalmónUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Roles of Hypoxia and Oxidative Stress on Lamb Fetal Growth Restriction by Twin Pregnancy And/Or Undernutrition: Intervention with AntioxidantsOvinosUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Effects of Soil Mineral -Organic Interactions on the Long Term Soil Carbon Stability in Temperate Forest Systems -To What Extent Does Soil Mineralogy Modulate Carbon Turnover in Natural and Managed Forest Ecosystems?s/i especie (Rubro Bosque nativo)Universidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Adapting Crop Production to Climate Change: Genome-Wide Association Study (Gwas) of Genes/Qtl Underlying Drought Tolerance in Linseed (Linum Usitatissimum L.)Lino o linazaCentro de Genómica Nutricional Agroacuícola CGNAFONDECYT
2016Efecto de la Suplementación con Antioxidantes del Medio de Incubación Sobre el Estrés Oxidativo y la Regulación de la Capacitación Espermática en Semen de Equino Congelado/Descongelado.EquinosUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Control of Constrained Dynamical Systems: Optimal and Viable Approaches, in Continuous and Discrete Time, Motivated by Natural Resource Management IssuesAcuícola - Otros AcuícolasUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa María FONDECYT
2016Acclimation And/Or Stress Memory in Fruit Trees? Disentangling Interactions Between Anatomy, Metabolics, Ecophysiology, and Transcriptome in the Response to Recurrent Drought Stress in Species with Contrasting Drought Tolerance.Frutales Hoja Caduca - Frutales Hoja Persistente - Frutales Menores - Frutales Tropicales y Subtropicales - Frutales de Nuez - Otros FrutalesUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Effect of Microencapsulated Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Peel Extract with Controlled Release on Microbiological Stability of Unpasteurized Fruit JuiceGranadoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Sensorialidad Vibratoria en Organismos Modulares: Detección de Vibraciones de Distinto Origen y Respuestas Químicas en Nicotiana Tabacum (Solanaceae)TabacoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Genetic Improvement of Durum Wheat (Triticum Turgidum L.Var Durum) Grain Quality Using International and National GermplasmTrigoPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016A Novel Combination of Technologies, Freeze-Drying and Co2-Laser Perforation, to Reduce Drying-Time and Energy Consumption of Berries Freeze-Drying Processing: Optimization Through a Descriptive Mathematical Model.s/i especie (Rubro Berries)Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María FONDECYT
2016Food Emulsion Redesign: Low Digestibility Vs Low Fat ContentAcuícolaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016Synthesis of New Analogues of Brassinosteroids from Hyodeoxycholic Acid, Encapsulated Systems Application and Evaluation in Promoting Growth and Mitigation in Drought Stress in Arabidopsis Thaliana Plants.AgrícolaUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa María FONDECYT
2016Assessment of Nutritional Characteristics, Functional Properties and Biological Potential Activities of Three Selected Edible Seaweeds Subjected to Different Drying ProcessesSarumen en japónUniversidad de La SerenaFONDECYT
2016Evaluación del Papel de las Bacterias Rizosféricas Sobre el Desempeño Fisiológico de Colobanthus Quitensis Bajo Estrés Salino.Rosa mosqueta (Bosque Nativo)Universidad del Bío BíoFONDECYT
2016Are Vibrio Species a Real Threat on Natural and Farmed Bivalve Mollusks Under Environmental Variable Conditions Focus on Harmful Algae Bloom and others Potentials Key Components, which Could Increase Massive Mortality?Almeja julianaUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Coping with Contrasting Larval Fish Feeding Conditions in Different Habitats: a Multiple Approach Study Based on Stable Isotopes, Fatty Acids and Gut Content Analyses of Larval Anchoveta Engraulis Ringens. s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Optimal Production of Safe Polyphenol Extracts from Agroindustrial WastesAgrícolaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016Aislamiento, Caracterización y Síntesis de Ciclótidos Extraídos desde Plantas Medicinales de Chile, con Potencial Uso Terapéuticos/i especie (Rubro Plantas medicinales, aromáticas y especias)Pontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2016Identification of 16Sriii-J Phytoplasma Phytopathogenic FactorsAgrícolaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Development of Plant-Growth-Promoting-Endophytic-Bacteria Consortia to Improve the Growth and Abiotic Stress Tolerance of Small Cereals Grown in Southern ChileCultivos y CerealesUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Identification of Biomarkers Associated with Mealiness in Peach Using Mqtl and MeqtlDuraznoUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2016Design of Sensing-Electrodes with Renewable Surface for Detecting Analytes of Interest in the Food Industry. Determination of the Role of Each Element of the Composite-Electrode in the Global Response.AcuícolaUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2016Transmission of P. Salmonis and Francisella Sp from Farmed Salmon to Native Fish Species and Vice-Versa: Possible New Routes of Spreading High Risk Pathogens for Aquaculture.SalmónUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Prolonged Release of Natural Active Compounds for Improving Shelf Life of a Dairy Food Matrix: Effect of Structure Obtained by Different Encapsulation ProcessBovino para lecheUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2016Effects of Tamoxifen on Pro-Resolutive Mechanisms of Inflammation in Horses with Recurrent Airway ObstructionEquinosUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Studies on the Genetic Basis of Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus Virulence: Understanding Virulence Switching in Piscine OrthomyxovirusSalmónUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2016Evaluation of the Potential Biocide of Metabolites Secondary Isolated from Genus Discaria and Colletia (Rhamnaceae)AgrícolaUniversidad del Bío BíoFONDECYT
2016Dissecting the Genetic Architecture of Color Inheritance in Sweet Cherry (P. Avium L.) Fruit (Skin and Flesh) by the Means of Qtls, Eqtls and Expression of Key-Candidate Genes, During Ripening.CerezoINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2016Relationship Between Growth Rate and N Metabolism in Grafted Tomato PlantsTomatePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016Interaction Between the Inhibition of Ruminal Methanogenesis and Microbial Protein Production in the RumenBovinos - Camélidos - Caprinos - Cérvidos - OvinosINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2016The Aggressiveness of an Introduced Pest Species: Role of Facultative Endosymbionts in the Myzus Persicae ComplexDuraznoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2016Process Intensification for Recovery of Polyphenols from Grape Marc by Integration of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction and Membrane FractionationVid viníferaUniversidad Tecnológica MetropolitanaFONDECYT
2016An Integrative Approach to Study How Variations in Light Conditions Affect the Nutritional Quality of Tomato Fruits.TomateUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Unveiling the Luteotrophic Effect of the Ovulation Inducing Factor Nerve Growth Factor Present in the Seminal Plasma of LlamasLlamaUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Development of Formulations of Phytochemical and in Vitro Biological Activity Evaluation of Compounds Extracted from Berries.s/i especie (Rubro Berries)Universidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Effect of Dietary Supplementation of a Feed Additive Rich in Polyphenols in Growth, Hepatic Lipogenesis and Gut Microbiota in Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) Fed a High-Carbohydrate DietSalmónUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Role of Silicon Fertilization on Photosynthetic Performance and Production of High Antioxidant- Or Structural- Phenolic Compounds in Cereals Grown Under Phosphorus Deficiency in Andisols: a Novel Strategy to Optimize Grain Yield and Food NutritionalCultivos y CerealesUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Fatty Acid Composition and Meat Quality Traits in Suffolk Down Breed Is Associated to Polymorphisms in Fasn and Scd1 Genes?Ovino Raza Suffolk DownUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Nanoencapsulation of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Pungency Alkaloids Using Nanosponges as Carrier Model to Deliver Lipophilic Compounds of High Biological ValueAcuícolaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Piscirickettsia Salmonis Fur-Mediated Iron HomeostasisSalmónUniversidad MayorFONDECYT
2016Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Immune-Modulation: a Promise for Equine Airway Inflammation?EquinosUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Investigating Cross-Species Transmission of Vector-Borne Pathogens Among Free-Ranging Dogs and Wild Foxes in ChileCaninos domésticosUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2016Fish Intestine Mirnome: Disentangling the Micrornas Role Between Host and Microbiota Interplaying in Atlantic Salmon Fed with Functional DietsSalmónUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Unraveling the Previously Unculturable Rhizobacterial Taxa Associated with Cereal Crops Grown in Chilean Andisol and their Potential as Pgprs/i especie (rubro Cereales)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Estudio de los Mecanismos de Tolerancia y de Promoción del Crecimiento Vegetal en Microorganismos Rizosféricos Asociados a Plantas Autóctonas de Zonas con Restricciones Hídricass/i especie (Rubro Bosque nativo)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Characterization of Seasonal Water Use, Plant Water Relations, Microclimate Conditions, Fruit Quality, and Orchard Productivity in Protected Cultivation of Kiwifruit (Actinidia Deliciosa): Responses to Sustained Deficit Irrigation in Commercial ProduKiwiUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Biopesticide Formulation from Botanical Products to Control Tomato Pathogens Using Nanotechnologies.TomateUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa María FONDECYT
2016Reproductive Development in Grapevine. Regulation of Pollen Formation and Its Effect on the Productión of Parthenocarpic FruitsViñas y VidesUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2015Using Free-Living Diazotrophic Bacteria and Aerobic Degraded Wheat Straw to Improve Nitrogen Fertility in Crop SystemsTrigoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Epidemiologia Molecular del Virus de Influenza en Aves Silvestres en ChileOtras AvesPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2015Towards the Understanding of Giant Kelp (Macrocystis Pyrifera) Marine Agronomy Under Stressful Periods of CultivationCarolaUniversidad de Los LagosFONDECYT
2015Mobility of Trace Metals in Soils Impacted for Mine Tailings with the Addition of Humic Substances and Iron Oxides and Growing of Plants for PhytoremediationAgrícola - Otros ForestalesUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Early Warning Biomarkers to Assess Scallop Immune Status: Expanding the Holobiont Concept in Marine BivalvesAlmeja julianaPontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2015Using the Forest Fires of the China Muerta National Reserve as a Natural Laboratory for Assessing their Ecological ImpactsRoble de SantiagoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Water-Free Spray-Drying: a Novel Strategy for the Microencapsulation of Fish Oil (Epa and Dha). Study of Microparticles Properties, Stability and Release Behaviour in Food Models.Bacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Co-Phylogeography of the Neotropic Cormorant (Phalacrocorax Brasilianus) and Their Avian Malaria ParasitesOtras AvesUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015Estrategias de Captación y Uso del Fósforo en Especies de la Familia Proteaceae del Sur de ChileProteaUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015Screening of Endophytic Bacteria from Wheat Plants Grown in Suppressive Soil and their Biofungicide Action Against Gaeumannomyces Graminis in Andisols from Southern ChileTrigoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Role of Abscisic Acid (Aba) and Jasmonates (Jas) in Cherry Fruit Cracking ToleranceCerezoUniversidad del Bío BíoFONDECYT
2015Fraccionamiento a Contracorriente de Mezclas Oleosas con Co2 Supercrítico. Aplicación al Enriquecimiento de Ésteres de Ácidos Grasos Poliinsaturados Omega 3 de Aceite de Pescados/i especie (Rubro Peces de agua de mar)Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2015Preservación de Fertilidad en Felinos Domésticos: Generación de un Banco de Semen para Asistencia Reproductiva en esta especieGato domésticoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Variable-Density Thinning to Enhance Growth, Heterogeneity and Biodiversity: a Stepping Stone to Achieving Sustainable Forest Management in Second-Growth Forests?Bosque NativoUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015Effect of Inorganic Nitrogen Fertilization and Cover Crops on Maize Production in Dissolved Inorganic and Organic Nitrogen Leaching in a Coarse-Textured SoilMaízUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Influence of Quercuss Sessilis (Romanian) and Quercus Humboldtii (Colombian) for Ageing Chilean Red Wines: Effects on Wine Quality Versus Traditional OaksVid viníferaUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2015From Transcriptome to the Biologic Function: Identification and Characterization of Proteins Associated to Detoxification Systems and Drug Resistance Mechanisms in Caligus Rogercresseyi.SalmónUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015Uncovering Plant Adaptations to Succeed in Low Nitrogen SoilsAgrícolaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2015Processing of Maqui (Aristotelia Chilensis (Mol) Stuntz) and Murta (Ugni Molinae Turcz) Berries: Effect on Functional Technological Properties, Anti-Bacterial Activity, Bioactivity and Bioaccessibility of Phytochemical ComponentsMaqui (Berries) - Murta: MurtillaUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015Provision of Urban Ecosystem Services, Exploring the Effects of Planning, Urbanization, Climate and Environmental Conditions on the Urban Forest of Santiago and La SerenaOtros ForestalesPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2015Optimising Milk Production of Pasture-Fed Lactating Dairy Cows Through the Utilisation of Winter and Summer Brassica CropsBovino para lecheUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015Improving Wine Quality by Managing Ph and Trace Metals: an Alternative for Oxidation Delay and Reducing the use of Sulfites.Vid viníferaUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2015Plant and Soil Methane Fluxes as Influenced by Water, Temperature and Radiative Stresses Across a Disturbance Gradient in Schlerophyll Ecosystems in Central Chiles/i especie (Rubro Bosque nativo)Universidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Ingestion of Microplastics by Pelagic and Benthic Fishes Along Easter Island and Continental Chilean Coasts.Otros AcuícolasUniversidad Católica del NorteFONDECYT
2015Hydraulic Response and Carbon Balance of Tamarugo (Prosopis Tamarugo Phil.) Under Water Stress. Advances in the Knowledge of the Mechanisms of Survival and Mortality of Tamarugo.TamarugoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Cell Wall Remodeling During Ripening in the Chilean Strawberry Fruit: a Deeper View at Structural Level of the Molecular Event.FrutillaUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2015Obtention of Hydroxytyrosol from Agricultural Wastes Using Deep Eutectic Solvents (Dess) and Supercritical Co2 as Re-Extraction Phase.OlivoCentro de Estudios en Alimentos ProcesadosFONDECYT
2015Fraccionamiento y Purificación de Polifenoles de Subproductos Agroindustriales Mediante Cromatografía en Columna Empacada con Gel de Agarosa de alto Entrecruzamiento: Optimización y EscalamientoAcuícolaPontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2015Identification and Characterization of the Iron Uptake System in Different Chilean Renibacterium Salmoninarum Isolates and Its Influence on Pathogenesis and Inmunogenicity in Atlantic Salmon and Rainbow Trout.Trucha arcoiris - SalmónUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2015Waterlogging in Prunus Rootstocks: a Deep Physiological Insight of the Hormonal Regulation on Root Water Uptake Through AquaporinsCarozosCentro de Estudios Avanzados en Fruticultura (CEAF)FONDECYT
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2015Study of the Key Factors Inluencing Nitrogen Losses by Ammonia Volatilization and Its Mitigation Measures in Grassland Soils of Southern Chile.Praderas naturalesINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2015Post-Pruning Increase and Decay of Stilbenoids in Grape Cane: Study of Conditions That Affect It by Improved Chromatographic MethodsVid viníferaUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2015Influence of the Agronomic Management and Phosphorus Uptake on the Composition of Phenolic Compounds of Fragaria Ananassa FruitsFrutillaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Desarrollo de un Sistema Multi-Alélico de Selección para Tamaño de Baya en Uva de Mesa, Basado en el Uso de Marcadores Tipo SNPS e IndelsVid de mesaINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2015Diterpene Phytohormone Biosynthesis and Functional Characterization of Related Oxidases in Rhizobium Plant Growth Promoting BacteriaAgrícolaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Encapsulación de Antocianinas del Fruto de Maqui (Aristotelia Chilensis [Mol.] Stuntz) Como Estrategia de Protección y Liberación Controlada para Preservar Sus Propiedades Saludables s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Desarrollo de Matrices Basadas en Emulsiones que Favorezcan la Liberación de Compuestos Bioactivos para Mejorar su Funcionalidad Nutricional y SensorialAcuícolaUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2015Modeling and Phenomenological Characterization of Salting and Marination Processing Coupled with an Electric FieldAcuícolaUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa María FONDECYT
2015Differential Analysis of Chemosensitive Protein Repertories in Two Native Species of Pest Scarab Beetles: Cues for Behavioral Manipulation to Crop ProtectionCultivos y CerealesUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2015Initiation of Translation of the Messenger Rnas of the Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus.Acuícola - Otros AcuícolasUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2015Use of Biochar-Compost Mixtures and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Phytoremediation of Metal Polluted SoilsAgrícolaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Caracterización de Microorganismos Rizosféricos Nativos Aislados de Suelos Chilenos Contaminados por Metales Pesados y Evaluación de sus Posibles Mecanismos de Tolerancia y Promoción del Crecimiento VegetalAgrícolaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Understanding the Involvement of Mads-Box Transcription Factors from Radiata Pine in Wood Forming Tissue: Unraveling the Molecular Mechanisms in Cell Wall Dynamics During Wood FormationPino ponderosaUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2015Relaciones Entre Rasgos Morfo-Fisiológicos de Raíces y la Tolerancia al Estrés Hídrico de Genotipos de Trigo PrimaveralTrigoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2015Identificación y Caracterización de Compuestos Bioactivos en Prunus Avium: Bases Genéticas y Moleculares Para Entender Los Mecanismos de Síntesis de Estos Compuestos y su Variabilidad en Diferentes Cultivares de CerezoCerezoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Design and Development of a Controlled Drug Delivery System Based on Mucoadhesive Bionanocomposites as a Potential Carrier for Aquaculture In-Feed MedicationOtros AcuícolasUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2015Impacto de Estresores Múltiples Sobre la Acuicultura de Recursos Bentónicos del Golfo de Arauco: Importancia Relativa de Forzantes Oceanográficas y AntropogénicasOtros AcuícolasUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2015Assessing the Impact on Scale-Up of Supercritical Co2 Extraction of Flow Nonidealities in Packed Beds of Solid Substrates. Mathematical Simulation and Experimental VerificationAcuícolaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2015Master Regulators of Plant Response to Salt Stress in Prunus Rootstocks: Major Genetic Determinants of Phenotypic Adaptions for Salt ToleranceCarozosCentro de Estudios Avanzados en Fruticultura (CEAF)FONDECYT
2015Modeling at the Regional Scale the Impact of Climate Change on Juvenile Wood Properties for Radiata PinePino ponderosaUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015D-Lactic Acid Induces Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Formation and Is Associated with the Onset of Inflammatory Process During Acute Ruminal Acidosis in Cattle.BovinosUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015Long Chain Fatty Acids as Modulators of Bovine Innate Immunity. Role of Free Fatty Acid (Ffa)-1 and Ffa4 Receptors.BovinosUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015Are Human-Perturbed Landscapes Unhealthy?: Assessing Fiv and Felv Emerging Infectious Diseases and Mhc Diversity at the Wildlife-Domestic InterfaceEspecies de vida silvestreCorporación Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad, IEBFONDECYT
2015Development and use of a Metagenomic Approach to Address a Challenging Soilborne Disease in Nothofagus AlpinaRadalUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2015Formation and Breakdown of Model Food Matrices Based on Protein and StarchAcuícolaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2015Estudio de la Influencia de los Polisacáridos de Origen Vegetal Sobre la Astringencia y el Envejecimiento del Vino Tinto: el Efecto de la Madurez de la uvaVid viníferaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Development of Highly Transferable Microsatellite Markers for Chilean Atriplex Species Using Ngs: as Tool for Identification, Population Studies and Germplasm ManagementAtriplexUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Molecular Regulation of Gonad Development and Reproductive Output in the Sea Lice Caligus Rogercresseyi: Functional Assessment of Target Genes and Prospects for Parasite ControlSalmónUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2015Physiological and Molecular Mechanism Underling Yield Potential and Acclimation to Water Stress in Wheat: Development of New Tools for Selection CriteriaTrigoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2015The Role of Melatonin as an Adipogenic and Thermogenic Signalling for Fetal Brown Fat: Importance for Lambs Survival at BirthOvinosINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2015Impact of Carménère Wines Ageing in Oak Wood Fragments and Barrels on Phenol-Salivary Protein Interaction and Astringency PerceptionVid viníferaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Discovery of Biomarker Candidates Linked to Table Grape Berry Firmness Based on Transcriptomic and Metabolomic AnalysesVid de mesaUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2015Transcriptomic and Genomic Analysis of Vasconcellea Chilensis and V. Pubescens: an Evolutionary and Comparative Approach Using Two Phenotypically Contrasting Papaya Species.PapayoPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2015Identification of Novel Transcription Factors Involved in the Ripening of Grapevine Berry in Response to SugarsViñas y VidesPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2015Potential of the Condensed Tannins of Lotus Uliginosus to Inhibit Biohydrogenation and Improve Beef QualityAlfalfa chilota - Bovino para carneINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
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2015Fleas as Potential Vectors of Pathogenic Bacteria: Evaluating the Effects of Diversity and Composition Community of Fleas and Rodent on Prevalence of Rickettsia Spp. and Borrelia Spp. in ChileCaninos domésticos - Gato domésticoUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2015Passive Immunization as a New Control Strategy Against Piscirickettsia SalmonisSalmónUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2015Restoration Techniques in Sustainable Harvesting of Sphagnum Moss, Is It Possible to Stimulate the Establishment and Growth of Moss After Harvest?Otros Rubros ForestalesUniversidad Bernardo OHigginsFONDECYT
2015Improving Survival and Reducing Alternate Bearing in Almond SpursAlmendroPontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2015Microbial Properties as Indicator of Quality of Metal-Contaminated Agricultural SoilAgrícolaPontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2015Comparison of the Main Biological Attributes of Equine Mesenquimal Stem Cells Derived from Different TissuesEquinosUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2015Shielded Grapes: Generation of Uv-B Resistant Grapevines to Improve Wine QualityVid viníferaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2015Análisis de la Diversidad Genética y Funcional de Hongos Micorrícicos Arbusculares Asociados a Cereales Cultivados en Suelos con Altos Niveles de AluminioCerealesUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Controlling Biogenic Amine Content in Red Chilean Wine Through the Selection of Autochthonous Lactic Acid Bacteria Applying Modern Chemical and Molecular Techniques.Vid viníferaUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2015Genetic Studies for the Improvement of Stone Fruit Nutraceutical QualityCarozosUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2015Large Scale Influence of Landscape Structure and Agricultural Practices on the Biological Control of Cereal Aphids Through the yearCerealesUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2015Development of a New Biofertilizer Based on Cattle Manure, Nanoclay and Earthworms to Increase Carbon Sequestration and Fertility of Chilean Volcanic SoilGeneralUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Study of the Mitochondrial Dynamics in the Spermatozoa of Fish for the Optimization of Reproduction in Chilean Aquaculture.PecesUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Description and Characterization of Genetic Elements Involved in the Resistance to Florfenicol and Oxytetracycline in Natural Bacterial Populations, Associated with the Intense use of Antibiotics in Salmon FarmsSalmónPontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2015Effect of the Transition Period on the Presentation of Lameness in Dairy Cows on PastureBovino para lecheUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015Effects of Oilseed Supplementation on Methane Emissions, Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency and Milk Fatty Acid Profile of Dairy CowsBovino para lecheINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2015Identification of Natural Genetic Variants Underlying Nitrogen Assimilation Diversity in YeastAcuícolaUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2015Testing the Fast-Slow Economic Spectrum Hypothesis in Plant Communities of the Atacama Desert Located Along Soil Nutrient and Rainfall Gradientss/i especie (Rubro Bosque nativo)Universidad de La SerenaFONDECYT
2015How Would Experimental Warming Affect Freezing Tolerance of Antarctic Vascular Plants?AgrícolaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015A Growth Model for Second-Growth Nothofagus Forests: Merging Statistical and Modelling Approaches for Quantifying Forest Dynamicss/i especie (Rubro Bosque nativo)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2015Actividad Antiparasítica de Propóleo y Extractos de Plantas Nativas Sobre Nosema Ceranae (Microsporidia): Efectos en la Comunidad Microbiana Intestinal, Péptidos Antimicrobianos y Enzimas Asociadas al Mecanismo de Defensa en Abejas (Apis Mellifera)Abeja: Abeja de mielUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2014Alternatives for Accelerating the Maturation and Ageing of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wines: Assessment of Their Chemical and Sensorial Quality FeaturesVid viníferaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Transmission Dynamics of Leptospira Within-Farm: Understanding and Modelling the Effects of Some Hosts on Leptospira Dynamics and Multiple Host-Multiple Strain InteractionsPecuarioUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2014Kiwifryit Bacterial Canker Disease:Physiological and Molecular Characterization of the Compatible Interaction Between Pseudomonas Syringae Pv. Actinidiae (Psa) Strains and Actinidia Spp. Growing in ChileKiwiPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2014Catabolite Repression as a Mechanism for Regulating the Biosynthesis of the Secondary Metabolites: Carotenoids and Mycosporines, in Xanthophyllomyces Dendrorhous.Otros AcuícolasUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Disease Resistance in Salmonids: Genetic Analysis of Co-Infection of the Sea Lice Caligus Regercresseyi and the Bacteria Piscirickettsia SalmonisSalmónUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2014Quantifying the Impacts of Pinus Contorta Invasion on the Micro-Environment, Vegetation and Mycorrhizal Communities.Otros ForestalesUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
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2014Estudio de la Conducta de Estro en Vacas de Leche en Pastura,y su Relación con Variables Hormonales,Metabolicas y Reproductivas.Bovino para lecheUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2014Efecto de la Infección con Bacterias Endosimbioticas Secundarias en Clones de Afidos sobre el Control Biologico de ParasitoidesAgrícolaUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2014Controlled Protein Denaturation for the Engineering Design of Aerated Food Products with Enhanced Textural and Nutritional Properties.AcuícolaUniversidad Tecnológica MetropolitanaFONDECYT
2014Encapsulamiento de Aromas: Evaluacion de Microemulisones Multicapa con Biopolimeros Ionicos Sometidas a Secado SprayAcuícolaCentro de Genómica Nutricional Agroacuícola CGNAFONDECYT
2014Response of Soil Enzymatic and Microbial Activity to Global Temperature Increase in Cold Ecosystems of Patagonia and AntarcticaGeneralUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2014Identificación y Sintesis de la Feromona Sexual de Elasmopalpus Angustellus Blanchard(Lepidoptera:Pyraledae)AgrícolaUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2014Improving Nutritional Quality in Quinoa Seeds Through Water RestrictionQuinoaUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2014Study of the Mechanisms That Regulate Salicylic Acid Levels and Functions in the Redox Modulation of Defense Responses Against Biotic and Abiotic Stress in ArabidopsisAgrícolaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2014Role of Magnesium Nutrition and Manganese Excess on Productivity and Quality of Lolium Perenne L. Grown in Acid Soils of Southern ChileBallica inglesaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2014Distribution and Potencial Negative Effects of Recently Arrived Invasive Coccinellid Species Harmonia Axyridis in Agricultural, Rural and Urban Landscapes in Chile: from Local to Landscape and Regional ImpactsAgrícolaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Use of Biochar-Compost Blend in Agricultural Soils and Its Role on Rhizosphere, Crop Nutrition and Soil PropertiesAgrícolaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2014Control of Proanthocyanidin and Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Strawberry (Fragaria X Ananassa) Fruit by JasmonatesFrutillaUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2014Use of Deep Sequencing for Optimization of Phytoplasma Detection in Fruit CropsFrutales Hoja Caduca - Frutales Hoja Persistente - Frutales Menores - Frutales Tropicales y Subtropicales - Frutales de Nuez - Otros FrutalesUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Effect of Nitrate on the Nodule Activity of the Model Legume Medicago Truncatula at the Molecular LevelAgrícolaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Isolation and Characterization of Phytase-Producing Rhizobacteria from Extreme Environments and Evaluate their Effect on Growth and Phosphorus Uptake in Wheat Grown in an andisol.TrigoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2014Desarrollo de Color en Uva de Mesa y su Relación con el Metabolismo de Clorofila y Antocianos Durante el Crecimiento, Cosecha y Postcosecha de la BayaVid de mesaINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2014Molecular Genetic Analysis of Aeromonas Salmonicida Pathogenesis- a Vaccine Platform for Multiple Salmonid Fish PathogensSalmónUniversidad MayorFONDECYT
2014Phyllochron:A Tool to Determine the Optimum Defoliation Frequency of Pasture Grasses in a Rotational Grazing Systems/i especie (Rubro Praderas artificiales)Universidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2014Building a Framework for Potential Kernel Weight and Grain Number Determination in Grain Crops: Relationship Between Expansin Proteins and Yield Components in Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.)MaravillaUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2014Soil-Age Driven Inverse Coupling of Biogenic Weathering and Nutrient Recycling on Ecosystem LevelBosque NativoUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2014Rootstcks Influence in Grapevine Water Use Efficiency and Drought Tolerance. are These Processes Orchestrated by Common Or Specific Mechanisms?Viñas y VidesINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2014Detección y Caracterización Molecular de Virus de Importancia Economica en Huertos de Frambuesa (Rubus Idaeus) en ChileFrambuesaINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2014Effect of Lytic and Temperate Bacteriophages in the Evolution of V. Anguillarum Pathogenicity.Otros AcuícolasPontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2014Orchards of the Future: Monitoring and Definition of Grape Vineyard Water Status Oriented to Improve the Irrigation Management EfficiencyViñas y VidesINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2014Palatability in Pigs. the Pleasure of ConsumptionPorcinoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Metatranscriptome Modulation of Pre-and Probiotic Dietary Supplementation in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) under Intensive Aquaculture ConditionsTrucha arcoirisUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2014Evaluation of the Bioaccumulation of Antimicrobial Residues in Feathers of Broiler Chickens Treated with Commercial Pharmaceutical Formulations and their Relation with the Concentration of These Residues in Edible Tissues.PolloUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Effect of Climate and Vegetation on Natural and Sowing-Based Regeneration of Woody Species of the Sclerophyllous Forest in Central Chile: Implications for Forest RestorationRoble de SantiagoPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2014Caracterización Fenotípica y Genética de Papa con Respuesta Contrastante a Tolerancia a Estrés HídricoPapaINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2014Fungi Associated with Wood Canker and Branch Dieback in Kiwifruit,and their Importance Causing Postharvest Decay on Exported Fruit in Long Term Storage.KiwiPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2014Developing the Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (Nirs) Technique to Optimize Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in PasturesPraderas y ForrajesINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2014Estimation of the Quantitative Genetic Variation of Immune Response Traits in the Abalone Haliotis Rufescens and Scallop Argopecten Purpuratus: a Tool for Genetic Improvement ProgramsNavaja: Navajuela - Gasterópodos (agua de mar)Corporación Centro Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Aridas - CEAZAFONDECYT
2014Understanding the Networks of Natural Enemy Assemblages Involved in Aphid Control: Repercussions for Sustainable Pest ManagementAgrícolaUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2014Mrm-Hplc-Dad-Esi-Ms/Ms and Gc-Ei-Ms/Ms Strategy for Metabolomics in Plasma Mice Feed with Supplemented Calafate Diet.CalafateUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2014Does Mycobacterium Avium Subsp Paratuberculosis Straintype Differences Influence the Disease Impact on Infected Dairy Herds?Bovino para lecheUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2014Evaluating the Role of Antarctic Root-Endophytes on the Ecophysiological Performance, Environmental Tolerance and Yield in Lettuce CropsLechugaCorporación Centro Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Aridas - CEAZAFONDECYT
2014Herbage Intake, Milk Production, and Grazing Behaviour of Spring-Calving Dairy Cows Strip-Grazing Under Different Grazing Rotation LenghtsBovino para lecheUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014A Holistic Approach for Age and Growth Determination Based on Otolith Micro-Structure Methods, in Five Anchovy Species As a Contribution for Their Fishery ManagementRobaloUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2014Estudio de la Microbiota Asociada al Cultivo de Congrio Colorado (Genypterus Chilensis) y Selección de Bacterias Probioticas para Mejorar la Supervivencia de Larvas y Post-LarvasMerluza comúnUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2014Rewilding After Clearcutting: a Missing Step for Forestry SustainabilityForestalUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Assessing Root Variability, Growth, Morphology, and Metabolite Content, in a Diverse Germplasm Collection of Yellow Lupin (Lupinus Luteus L.) s/eCentro de Genómica Nutricional Agroacuícola CGNAFONDECYT
2014Changes in Organoleptic and Nutraceutical Properties of Tomato Fruits as Affected by Variations in Ec Value and Climatic ConditionsTomatePontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2014Identificación de Polimorfismos Asociadas a Harinosidad del Fruto Mediante Genomica Funcional en Población segregante de Prunus PersicaDuraznoUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2014A Transcriptomic Approach for the Study of Apis Mellifera in Chile: Physiological Susceptibility to Poor Nutrients and InsecticidesAbeja: Abeja de mielUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2014El Incremento de los Contenidos de Azucares Solubles en la Ballica Perenne como Una Estrategia para Mejorar el Balance Energia/Proteina en Vacas LecherasBallica inglesa - Bovino para lecheUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2014Rol de la Relación Ca/B sobre la Mitigación de Aluminio Fitiotoxico en Arándano alto (Vaccinium Corymbosum L.): Respuestas Fisiológicas y BioquímicasArándano: BlueberryUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2014Does Cane Size and Position Affect Fruit Yield and Quality Through Differences in Carbon Exchange and Water Relations in Mature Highbush Blueberry Plants?Arándano: BlueberryUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2014Study of Physiological, Biochemical and Molecular Responses Associated to Chilling Injury in Pomegranate Fruit (Punica Granatum)GranadoUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2014Uterine Blood Flow in Llamas: the Effect of Vascular Asymmetry, Intrauterine Semen Deposition Or Embryo Location, and their Possible Influence on the Establisment of Gestation.LlamaUniversidad Católica de TemucoFONDECYT
2014Efecto del Estres Hidrico sobre la Evolución en la Maduracion, y Composición de Proantocianidinas, en Cabernet Sauvignon (Vitis Vinifera L.) en el Valle del MaipoVid viníferaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Epidemiological Relevance of the Parasite Load in Vectors and Mammalian Reservoirs of Chagas Disease Regarding Diet and Foci Characteristics of Triatomines s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Trim Proteins as a Molecular Marker of Differential Innate Immune Responses Against Bacterial Or Viral Pamps in the Gills Tissue of SalmonidsSalmónPontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2014Dissection of the Mechanism of Auxin Response to Nitrate and Its Role in the Modulation of Root DevelopmentAgrícolaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2014Effect of the Ice Morphology in Freezing Concentration Assisted by Vacuum Applied to Fruit JuicesFrutales Hoja Caduca - Frutales Hoja Persistente - Frutales Menores - Frutales Tropicales y Subtropicales - Frutales de Nuez - Otros FrutalesUniversidad del Bío BíoFONDECYT
2014Polyphenols Liposomal-Encapsulated Incorporated in Edible Films Based on Hpmc Or Chitosan: Physical Properties, Structure and Antioxidant ActivityAcuícolaUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2014Impacto del Daño del Pulgon Verde del Duraznero sobre la Infestación de la Polilla Oriental de la Fruta en Cultivares Comerciales de Duraznero y NectarinDurazno - NectarinoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2014Variabilidad Espacio-Temporal de Factores que Modulan el Ciclo Reproductivo de Peces Pelagicos Pequeños a Lo Largo del Gran Ecosistema Marino de la Corriente de HumboldtBacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2014Diversity of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Fish of Commercial Interest: Modulation of Host Gene Expression and Contribution to the Host Health Status.Bacalao del AtlánticoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Exudados Radicales y Simbiosis Micorricica en Trigo como Mecanismos Claves en la Eficiencia de Captación de Fosforo Acumulado en Suelos VolcánicosTrigoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2014Inhibition of Histone Deacetylase As a Potential Mechanism Underlying Dormancy Release Effects of Hydrogen Cyanamide in Grapevine BudsViñas y VidesUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2014Study of the Genetic Variability of Limonene and Genins (Isoflavones)In Red Clover(Trifolium Pratense L.) to Validate a Selection Model of Resistant Experimental Lines to Hylastinus Obscurus(Marsham)(Coleoptera:Curculionidae)Ballica inglesaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
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2013The Development of a Hedonic Model of Farmland Values: an Application to Chilean Agriculture and the Potential Impacts of Climate ChangeGeneralPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
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2013Molecular Mechanisms Underpinning Host-Adaptation in a Parasitoid Wasp: a Novel Approach to Increase the Efficacy of Biological ControlPecuarioUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2013Ticks (Ixodoidea) of Middle and South Chile: Biogeography, Biology and the possible Rol of Pathogen Vector.PecuarioUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
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2013Use of Tamoxifen as a New Therapeutic Tool for Horses with Recurrent Airway ObstructionEquinosUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2013Role of Microbial Consortia as Inoculant for Rooting Enhancement, Growth and Abiotic Stress Tolerance of Nothofagus Alpina Plantlets in Volcanic SoilsRadalUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2013An Integrative Approach to Study Organic Acids Metabolism During Development and Ripening of Cherimoya (Annona Cherimola Mill)ChirimoyoINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2013Discriminant Models Development for Abiotic Stress-Related Physiological Disorders on Apples Based on Visible-Near-Infrared Reflectance SpectroscopyManzanoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2013Efecto del Cambio de Uso y Manejo del Suelo sobre la Movilidad de los Coloides Organicos en Suelos Volcanicos del Sur de ChileGeneralUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
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2013Ram Reproduction at High Altitude: Effect of Hypoxia, Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant TherapyPecuarioUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
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